Welcome to Padchops!

Hey everyone, thank you for coming to check out the site. We made the site for one reason, to help people drum better. Our Padchops Player gives you the ability to play along with the exercises in a way that is more fun than playing with just a met for sure!! This is just a sample of the exercises that will become available, but we want your input right out of the gate to help us make this thing awesome. It’s meant to be fun and we think all you drum nuts like us will love it.

Padchops is in Alpha

Before we commence with our official grand opening, we’ve made available an alpha version (phase one testing) of the site for you to test. When using the site, please take note of your thoughts so you can give your input via our Feedback Form below.

Following the alpha period will be a beta period (phase two testing). Both the alpha and beta periods will remain free. And for those who contribute before launch, we will have a special something waiting for you at the conclusion of the beta period.

So check it out, play along, and let us know what you think each time you come back. More info and exercises coming soon…STAY TUNED!!

Now go get yo CHUGADA ON!! —> Pad Exercises


We Need Your Feedback!

Once you have spent some time viewing and playing along with the exercises, please come back to this home page, fill out the form below, and let us know how we can make things better.

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