Introduction: The Padchops Player

In order to bring you the best exercise practicing experience possible, we have developed our very own Padchops Player. The following image shows the current controls we have included, and some functionality notes for the ones that may not be so obvious.



  • Playall starts from the currently selected tempo then plays remaining tempos in sequence.
  • Shuffle mixes up tempos. Range indicator will reflect Low/High.
  • xTimes shows number of times through each tempo. Can be defined in Experimental mode.
  • Not all exercises have Experimental mode option. They do now.
  • Not all exercises have Clicks option.
  • Buttons will become disabled/enabled depending on state of other buttons.

Keyboard Commands

Since you already have your sticks in your hands, let’s not handle the mouse. Use these keys to control the player.

  • Space: play / stop
  • Backspace: mute / unmute
  • Left/Right: previous tempo / next tempo
  • “c”: toggle Clicks (if applicable)
  • “a”: toggle Playall
  • “s”: toggle Shuffle
  • “l”: toggle Repeat (loop single)
  • “e”: toggle Experimental mode
  • “[” / “]”: decrease/increase xTimes in Experimental mode
  • “t”: toggle view of tempo buttons
  • “q”: toggle exercise “quiet” on/off in Experimental mode. (Not shown in image above.)


The Padchops Player will evolve and get better over time (including the aesthetics), but any feedback regarding function or performance is always welcome.

Happy drumming!