Switching Hands by Kevin Donka

And here is the third set from Kevin Donka.

Happy drumming!


Backward Rolls by Kevin Donka

Here is the second set from Kevin Donka.

One more set to come tomorrow, stay tuned!


Forward Back by Kevin Donka

Starting today and for the next two days, we’ll be rolling out 3 sets of exercises by Kevin Donka. Here is the first set:




Found 2 Exercises

I was going through my local exercise “done” folder and found 2 exercises that hadn’t been uploaded. Well, they are now. Enjoy!

This also brings us to a total of 100 exercises.


5 New Exercises

5 new exercises added today!

Accent Tap Addon was submitted by Nick Miller.

Have fun!


4 New Grid 3 Exercises

The newest 4, which brings us to 8 so far:

More Grid 3 to come. Stay tuned!

41 New Exercises

It’s been a little while since we made an announcement of the new exercises that are up. The complete list has almost doubled since then.

In reverse order of when they were added to the site:

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